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Nearly 15 years ago when practicing yoga was still new relatively new to much of the fitness world, CorePower Yoga began to change the landscape. Now it’s a booming business, bringing yoga to the masses.

Since 2002 CorePower has been heating things up in the yoga world. Kathyrn Smith, the Market Leader for CorePower in Colorado said, “This is the first Core Power in all of the country,” referring to the studio along 13th Avenue in Capitol Hill.

“Core Power’s original focus was making yoga accessible,” Kathryn said, and t’s a natural fit to launch in Colorado. “Part of it was complementing our skiing, our biking, our running,” she added.

With more than six different types of yoga classes, CorePower isn’t just for seasoned yogis, it’s a place that can offer a comprehensive workout for any skill level; balancing flexibility with strength, weights and some heat.

“The heat is just a really nice way to warm up the muscles just a little bit faster, it offers a subtle detox and the best part is that people just really want to sweat,” Kathryn said.

Rebecca Swenson teaches Yoga Sculpt.  “I have been here since the beginning,” she said, adding that it’s the perfect class to get everything in.  “If you only had one hour to workout, this would be it.”

But, yoga is more than just a workout for your body, Kathryn said it’s a space to exercise internal awareness as well.  “You’re trying to explore life as a journey and get better at not only taking care of yourself physically, but mentally as well.”

It’s also easy to find a class with 25 studios across the state and 160 across the nation, CorePower is stretching beyond expectation.

Kathryn said, “If we’re not there yet, we will be soon.”

CorePower offers all different levels of yoga and fitness and they offer your first week for free. For more information click here: CorePower Yoga