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Dani Hedlund from Tethered By Letters explains why kids aren’t reading as much as they used to.

Here are some tips from Dani.

  1. Create a ritual around reading that kids look forward to—and ALWAYS discuss the reading afterwards
    1. For young kids: bedtime reading when kids are very young (perhaps throw in something fun like shadow puppets or visual elements when you read together)
    2. For pre-teens and teenagers: create “adult-time” where the family sits together and reads with fun food and drinks (make an event of it)
  2. Let kids choose their own books, and try graphic novels and comics as a gateway for kids who struggle with focus. This will draw a firm line between the negative associations kids make with reading for school (as a chore) and the freedom of being able to make their own decisions (as play!)
  3. Most importantly, kids will follow their parents’ lead. PARENTS NEED TO BE READING AND ENJOYING IT. Resist the urge to watch Netflix after a long day. Your kids will follow suit!

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