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You may drive by one every day, but did you know that Smashburger started right here in Denver? The first one opened nearly ten years ago on Colorado Boulevard and Mississippi. It’s now a booming burger chain, but still keeps the local flavor with several regionally inspired flavors.

It’s now 38 states, nine countries outside the US and more than 400 stories.

“We thought we could resurrect and kind of resuscitate the American love affair with burgers,” said Tom Ryan the Co-Founder of Smashburger.

It appears to be working.

“Why Smash Burger versus all the other choices?” Ryan said. “I really do believe the clear answer is this. We built this concept to be the preferred burger concept for the next generation of burger lovers.”

It begins with fresh Angus beef rolled into loosely packed meatballs, a sizzling hot grill painted with butter and then the smash.

“Ten seconds metal to metal,” he described while smashing the burger. He said that allows the burger to baste in its own juices.

Then, they add in some special seasoning and voila! Ryan said, “The combination of butter, beef and heat is actually caramelizing the bottom of this.”

“That’s it. Meat candy right there.”

The classic is one of the chain’s most popular burgers. About every 4 or 5 they sell is the classic. Ryan said, “It is kind of the quintessential California burger.”

Here in Colorado, the aptly named Colorado burger is a local favorite. “It is a monster celebration of Smash Burger great burger taste and green chile.” It has fresh, grilled Anaheim or hatch green chiles with melted pepper jack cheese.

Ryan said, “It’s really a monster flavor, lots of different layers, Coloradans love it.”

From handspun Haagen-Dazs shakes to chicken burgers, black bean burgers, gluten-free bun options and Smash Fries seasoned in rosemary and olive oil; Smashburger is shaking up the standard.

So it may not be your grandfather’s hamburger, though he’s sure to love it too.