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There’s one habit, that if implemented, can help with portion control, better nutritional balance, variety, greater satiety and even helps to save money. What is it? Planning ahead. It doesn’t sound very exciting, or as alluring as the latest fad diet, but it’s the foundation to staying in control of what and how you eat.  Registered Dietitian Suzanne Farrell from Cherry Creek Nutrition tells us about the importance of pre-packaged meals.

The benefits of pre-packing meals: better portion control, better nutrition, more variety, saves money, decreases eating out in restaurants or vending machines, great satiety- you pack foods that satisfy you personally; aim for packing whole grains, a protein source, always veggies and fruit- even a “treat” to satisfy sweet tooth

-tips: plan to prep i.e. weekend before the work week/ stock fridge with the grab and go ingredients

-ideas beyond sandwiches or frozen entrees- salads in a jar, bowls, bento box combos.