Taste of Iceland

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IcelandAir celebrates the Taste of Iceland in Denver.

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House made - Cold smoked filet of Icelandic Arctic char. Served with grainy mustard crème fraiche, salad of radish and cucumbers, dill oil and crisps of Icelandic rye bread.




Arctic char : Salt, sugar, wood chips

Salad : Radishes, cucumbers, lemon zest, lemon juice, lemon oil, salt.

Grainy mustard crème fraiche: Sour cream, grainy mustard, honey. heavy cream, lemon juice, salt,

Dill oil : Canola oil, fresh dill, salt

Rye bread crisps : Bread brought in from Iceland


Procedure: Arctic Char is skinned and deboned. It is lightly marinated in sugar and salt mixture overnight. Then rinsed, and smoked in a closed box/tray with a smoke gun for a few hours.

Arctic char is now portioned and just warmed through – very gently cooked in oven, and kept refrigerated for mice en place.


Cucumber and radishes are cut in fine julienne and seasoned with lemon juice, grated lemon zest, lemon oil and some salt.


Sour cream is mixed with grainy mustard , honey, little lemon juice and some salt.

Some whipped cream is then folded in.


Generous portion of fresh dill is mixed with some canola oil and pinch salt in a kitchen blender. Let mix until bright green. Then let oil drip through a fine sieve.


Rye bread is thinly sliced with electric slicer and oven dried.


Service: A piece of Arctic char, some julienne of cucumbers and radishes, grainy mustard créme fraiche, dill oil and rye bread crisps are nicely arranged on a deep plate (preferably) then gently covered with cling film. Then some smoke from the smoke gun  is injected under the cling film - in to the dish. Unwrapped in dining room in front of guests.









Roasted filet of Icelandic free range lamb,

flavored with wild Icelandic Thyme.

Served with glazed root vegetables, carrot purée and garlic-rosemary lamb jus reduction.




Lamb: A file of free range Icelandic lamb  -  dry wild Icelandic thyme, garlic, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, olive oil

Sauce: Lamb bones, vegetables for stock, bouquet garni, canned tomatoes, water.

Vegetables : Root vegetables like -  Carrots, rutabaga, almond potato, parsnip, bay leafs, fresh thyme, butter, olive oil, fresh parsley.

Carrot pure : Carrots, cream, butter. salt




Filet of lamb is boned and trimmed with little fat on. It is marinated in mixture of grinded fresh garlic, parsley, thyme and dried wild Icelandic thyme – some olive oil.


Sauce is made from lamb bones, A good traditional lamb stock is made and then reduced with some garlic and fresh rosemary until jus consistency, seasoned to taste and finished of with some cubes of cold butter.


Peel and trim the root vegetables and cut every one in to similar shape and even in size for a garnish. Blanch them in a salty water just halfway through separated from each other, strain them and let water steam of for few minutes. Lightly Color/Caramelize the vegetables by sauté them in generous portion of butter and olive oil along with crushed garlic cloves and fresh thyme on medium heat for a while, The butter olive oil mixture should be foamy in the pan when sautéing the vegetables, it takes few minutes to make. This can be made ahead of service and reheated.


For the carrot pure preparation. Carrots are peeled, chopped and boiled until tender in a salty water, Strain carrots from water and mix them with a little cream and butter in a kitchen blender to make a very fine pure. Season to taste.



Sauté the lamb file in a pan or in a grill with garlic and fresh thyme – finish it in the oven for a few minutes, it should be served medium and carved in to ribs.

Dressed on a plate with vegetables on one side and the lamb on the other side. Very simply sauce the jus over lamb sprinkle with dry wild herbs and blueberries. Serve.

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