Sleep Week: Nap Rooms At Work

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Don’t we all get a little tired at work sometimes?  What if you were encouraged to take a nap during your workday?  Companies like Google and Zappos have offered nap rooms or nap pods for their workers, and a Denver company is doing the same things.  At Spire Digital, if workers need a break after cranking on a web or mobile app, they can head downstairs to one of two nap rooms and take a nap.  “It gets me energized.  It gets me ready to go again,” said Mikaela Mitchell.  The account manager comes down once or twice a week for a 20 minute snooze.  She says she was hesitant at first, but then she realized the CEO naps every day!  Mike Gellman says he’s been napping for 18 years.  “It’s just something in my DNA.  Something happens after lunch and I get really tired, so I decided I wanted to nap at work, and then I realized it was really helping me to be my best,” he said.  So he encouraged his staff to do the same thing, saying napping has all sorts of benefits.  “I’ve read studies, they say you live five years longer if you nap,” he said.  And of course no one is efficient if they are falling asleep!

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