Mindful Manners from Mister Manners

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From email to Facebook, texting to TikTok, as we spend an increasing amount of time on virtual platforms, we need remember that being mindful of our manners online is just as important as doing so in-person. Mister Manners, Thomas Farley, is here with some tips for how we can all be more mindful of our electronic etiquette.

  • Bite Your Tongue. (Or your fingers, if they are doing the communicating for you.) If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t type it.
  • Keep Email Brief. Particularly in business, most of us don’t have the time or attention span for long emails. You increase your chances of a reply when you respect others’ time and keep your emails concise—and considerate.
  • Go Easy on Emojis (and Exclamation Points). Yes, they can breathe life and fun into a text or a post, but if you find you are using emojis more than actual words to convey your meaning, it may be that picking up the phone and having an actual conversation is the better way to express your message.
  • Don’t Overshare. Lest you be seen as the friend who never stops posting about mundane happenings, ask yourself: If I had to select the one thing that happened to me today that my circle would truly have an interest in, would this be it? Chances are, they are not counting the minutes until you post your next latte photo.
  • Put Priority on the People Around You. They deserve your attention more you’re your offline conversation does. Put the phone down and enjoy the dopamine hit that can come from face-to-face true connection with others. Give your friends and family 100% attention when you are together and they will respect why you may not text them back right away on occasions when you are not together in-person. It’s because you’re being present to others.

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