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Colorado’s aging population is soaring – in fact, it’s the third fastest-growing in the nation, and it’s expected to increase over a half million by 2030.  We all know the costs of living in the state are growing as well, which is putting particular pressure on those who are living on fixed incomes. Home sharing is gaining steam as a creative solution to help boomers, empty nesters and other aging adults remain in the homes and communities they love, and generate extra income by renting out unused space in their homes to long-term roommates.
Silvernest was launched to help facilitate this home-sharing movement with an online roommate-matching service that helps aging adults find compatible housemates, and makes the process safe.

It’s a win-win for the homeowner and their roommate – the homeowner can generate nearly $10,000 a year through rent that can be used to help maintain their homes and cover their living costs, and the roommate can save thousands annually by renting out a room rather than a one-bedroom apartment.