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Every Friday, KDVR and KWGN feature a new food truck and this week, this food truck is not only on a mission to deliver the best food, but it’s serving a purpose to the community. Full Battle Rattle Deli (FBR) is more than a food truck, it is a food truck on the move: literally. FBR is a mobile deli – which is a veteran-operated and a social enterprise that will be strategically aligned with the nonprofit “Culinary Art Boot Camp for Veterans.” Full Battle Rattle Deli is a vehicle for change and is a cause-based business whose mission is to support the veteran community one sandwich at a time and provide both comradery and job training to those veterans facing homelessness, unemployment and who struggle with transitioning into civilian life. The food truck will not only sell amazing Brooklyn style breakfast and lunch sandwiches, but will also provide both hands-on training for those veterans participating in the 6-week culinary arts program. Presently, FBR does not have a location for the culinary arts part of the program, so participants will work for 11 weeks on the food truck where they will gain the culinary arts skills needed to enter the workforce and find gainful employment in the community. They have aligned with local community organizations, so during the 11 weeks, participants will receive a salary, uniforms, transitional housing and all the resources they will need to successful complete the program and reintegrate into our community successfully.