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To kick off the New Year and help you with your resolutions, we’re starting a new segment on Daybreak to answer your questions about fitness and health. If you have questions, please submit them on our Facebook page.

We’re starting with core exercises that you can do at home or in the gym, because, according to trainer Doug Quinlivan; the owner of Ascent Fitness; “The number one thing people ask about is their core.”

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, machine or electrode that can carve out abs. “You’re not ever going to be able to burn fat just around your stomach,” but there are some things you can do to make your waistline appear smaller while you tackle the bigger problem of fat loss.

“The crunch is a great exercise if you do it right,” Quinlivan said. That means not pulling your neck and really focusing and isolating your abdominal muscle.  “You want to imagine that you have a tennis ball between your chin and your chest.”

Another great core exercise is the plank.  “You want to have your elbow directly beneath your shoulder and you want to keep that back nice and flat,” said Quinlivan. That means don’t push up your backside or sink in the middle. Start at an angle. If that’s too easy, hit the floor. Aim for 30 seconds and build from there.

And don’t forget, set small goals and add in cardio because, “Unfortunately there’s no way to spot reduce.”

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