Ask The Trainer: How to get tank top arms

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Warm weather is just around the corner and soon there will be lots of cut-off sleeves and spaghetti straps, so it’s time to get rid of the bat wings.

“Summer is right around the corner, we need to think about our tank top arms,” trainer April Sharrock at Ascent Fitness says to get ready for the season you need to focus on your triceps and shoulders, not your biceps.

“During the day we don’t work out triceps that much, we work our biceps all the time, incidentally,” said April.

That means dips, kickbacks and pushups. First, grab a bench or chair, something that won’t tip over. Keep your body close to the bench to avoid too much strain on your shoulders, then dip down.

“The best part of the tricep contraction is going to be when you straighten your arms entirely.” April says you really want to make sure to lock out your arms completely. Aim for 20.

Then, turn around for a pushup that utilizes your core.  “For the purpose of our tricep, we’re going to do a narrow push up, which means it’s only about a shoulders width apart.”

If that’s too much, try a standing version against the wall. Just aim for 20, with good form.

Then, grab a set of dumbbells. Bend forward, raise your elbows and extend back, returning your arms to 90 degrees, slowly. “The reason we slowly bring the arms in is so that there’s no swinging because otherwise there’s a lot of momentum that’s used.”

Finally, a move that April says will target three of your shoulder muscles at once. Keep a lighter dumbbell because it can get difficult quickly. Lift your arms out, put them together, back out and down. Aim for 10.

A little shaking is good.  “That means the muscle fibers are trying really hard.”

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