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Last week, the trainer had tips for an upper body workout with just exercise bands. This week, it’s all about the lower body.

It may look easy, but April Sharrock of Ascent Fitness said it’s anything but. All you need is one thing, a resistance band or tube. “They’re just very versatile and you can get a full body workout with the bands.”

Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Step onto the band with both feet and get ready for your outer thighs to burn! “We’re going to step out and tap in, like a bad 80’s dance,” April said.

While doing this, keep your arms in an isometric bicep hold. If you can, try it for one minute.

“The band wants to pull you all around and so part of the exercise is that you have to control it, that’s what makes this a really effective exercise.”

Now, get the band into a type of harness by looping it around something. Then set it low on your hips for a lunge with resistance. April said, “And when you come back it wants to yank you back, so you have to control that motion.”

You can stay on the same leg, or alternate.

Now, turn sideways and step out into a sumo squat. You have to control the movement both up and down, so it makes it more difficult.

Next, a weighed squat. Grab the band, step on it, feet a little wider than shoulder width and squat down. “We’re just adding weight to the squat and instead of the weight being across your shoulders, now it’s just coming from down below,” April said.

You can even add a shoulder press if you want more work.

Finally, fix the band to something on or near the ground.  Put your foot through the loop and press up, holding onto the bench for support with a flexed foot. April said, “This is a great booty exercise.”

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