Animal House: First Aid Kits for Pets

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Administering first aid to a pet can be a stressful situation, especially if you don't have the right supplies. Here are some items to include in a pet first aid kit.

1)  Gauze sponges

2)  White tape

3)  Cotton Balls

4)  Triple antibiotic ointment/ like Neosporin

5)  Tweezers

6)  Sharp scissors / and Bandage scissors

7)  Antiseptic wipes

8)  Hydrogen peroxide ( to induce vomiting )

9)  A penlight

10) A Flashlight

11) Thermometer ( ear or rectal - petroleum jelly also if rectal )

12) A Blanket

13) A leash

14) A cloth muzzle ( Your own dog may bite you if hurt )

15) Artificial tear, eye wash, or artificial tear ointment

16) A bottle of sterile saline ( to flush wounds ) can get at most pharmacies

17) A pillow case to put an injured cat in/Carrier for dog

18) Antiseptic wash - dilute betadyne or chlorhexadine soap

19) Nail clippers for broken nails

20) Band-aids different sizes/ Roll cotton for bandages

21) Ear Cleaning solution

22) Benadryl for allergic reactions - your veterinarian can give you the dosage

           And THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM in your Kit!!!!

23) A Cell Phone with charger with your veterinarian's number in the contacts

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