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How do you define your workout? Whether it a class, cardio or weights, experts say you may be missing a key component that is essential to overall health; relaxation. That is what Define Body & Mind in Denver is incorporating; classes good for your body and mind.

It’s brand new to Denver and offers a whole new perspective on a complete workout.

Mallory Martindale owns the studio. She calls is a “mindtainment” class. “It just kinds of clears your mind and sets you up for your next workout.”

It begins with deep breaths in shavasana and familiar yoga-type poses and movement to work and loosed your spine.

It’s a class that Mallory said she loves to add to her workout routine and said has a real benefit. “Define was created because our founder Henry Richardson needed to get a spinal fusion but did not want to have the surgery, so he found a different way to kind of heal his symptoms.”

Through stretching, breathing and even rolling with a small ball, it’s about working out those tender or tight spots.

Instructor Erika Strayhan said, “It’s a class just made to make you feel good. It’s delicious for your body. It helps relieve tension and stress.”

Flipping upside down in a hammock can certainly do that. It’s fun and feels great!

“Just stretching out the front of our body. We spend so much time looking at our phones, looking at our computers, this is so good for the body,” Erika said.

Each “mind” class is a little bit different to strengthen, lengthen and relax.

Define Body & Mind also has spin classes, barre classes and will soon have a mini trampoline workout as well.

The first class is free. You can find more information here.