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DENVER – If you’ve been waiting to book that European vacation, now may be the time to check fares. Multiple airlines are slashing prices for trips this spring and early summer going to places like London, Paris and Brussels.

Jerry Kazzaz, of Custom Travel Ltd in Denver, said he’s seeing prices up to 50% off. “Incredible airfares from Denver, anywhere from $500 to $600 roundtrip, which is what a couple just paid to travel to Florida for spring break,” Kazzaz said.

We checked several travel websites and found a round trip flight from Denver to London in May for $543 on American. We found round trip flights from Denver to Brussels in April for $432 on Brussels Airlines, operated by United.

Plus, it’s not too late to book for spring break. We found round trip flights from Denver to Paris March 17th – March 24th for $438 on United. But Kazzaz said flights are booking quickly.

The fear of terrorism may have prevented some Americans from traveling abroad, but these kinds of prices could be enough to lure them back, especially if they would pay about the same amount to fly to Florida.

But Kazzaz said if you are still waiting to book spring break travel, remember that every day you wait the price could go up!