Military tank for sale just in time for Christmas

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DENVER — It quite possibly could be the best Christmas gift, ever. Military vehicle collector Ross Morgan thinks so, “this is a 1943 ford M4 A3 E9 Sherman tank.“

It was the tank, according to General George S Patton, that won the war for the allies during World War II.

Russ Morgan’s Sherman tank is up for sale. But wait, where does one get a World War II Sherman tank? “All the tanks that are left that were not shut up in gunnery ranges are owned by collectors. This one came from a collector in Las Vegas.“ Said Morgan.

Russ Morgan loves all things World War II. Especially things on wheels, “I love what I do. It is a passion that’s carried on my entire life.“ Said Morgan.

The United States made about 55,000 Sherman tanks during the war of which the ford motor company made 1690 of them. So, what is under the hood?“It has a Ford V-8 1100 in. dual overhead cam overhead aluminum engine.“ Said Morgan.

So why would Morgan cell such a rare World War II tank? “We found another one. So we are collectors and we are going to restore another 1943 ford Sherman tank,” said Morgan.

No special permit is required. Anybody can buy this tank. They are like antique tractors, except cooler. And, they are street legal. “Well, we drive it on the street, we don’t know if we are legal or not.” Said Morgan

Who is going to argue? Morgan is welcoming emails and offers at

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