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As Earth Day approaches this weekend, we wanted to encourage you to clean up your beauty routine. With so many products on our counters and in our makeup bags, it can be overwhelming to think about replacing everything. So the Founder of Aillea Boutique has helped us identify a few of the most toxic products you may have, and their clean beauty alternatives.

We started with Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. It has two parabens and three polyethylene glycos, plus a chemical based sunscreen. You can swap this for Ilia’s Tinted Moisturizer, which has a much safer sunscreen, ale, sesame, avocado, rosemary and jasmine.

Believe it or not, Urban Decay’s popular Naked Eye Palette isn’t so naked- it has talc, parabens, and teflon, which add to the toxicity. You can swap it for the Lily Lolo Palette, which is free of talc and all that other scary stuff.

Great Lash Mascara is probably somewhere in your bag, it’s been around forever. But it has Quanternium 15, a chemical preservative which acts as a formaldehyde releaser. Because fragrance is considered a trade secret, they do not have to disclose the ingredients, which are often toxic. Swap it for the Lily Lolo Mascara, which is an Aillea tried and true favorite.

Secret Deoderant contains aluminum, and there’s more and more information about the dangers of aluminum. France is even starting to limit its usage, including reducing aluminum foil for food. Swap your Secret for Agent Nateur, which has undergone hardcore testing to make sure it can withstand hot yoga, outdoor tennis and even your wedding day.

Aillea wants to help you get started cleaning up your beauty routine. For Earth Day they are offering a discount for every toxic item you bring in to swap. On April 22nd only, get 2% for every dirty product. For example, if you bring in a toxic moisturizer, eye shadow and mascara, you’ll get 6% off your purchase. You can bring up to 10 products for a total of 20% off. They have two locations in Cherry Creek and Larimer Square. Find them at