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AIMM is your personal matchmaking service in the palm of your hand. The introduction process begins by you and AIMM getting to know each other a little bit better. You are taken on a journey from the very onset where you answer a series of interviews that describe your personal preferences as well as those you seek in a partner and relationship.

Stories are used within AIMM to fully get to know you. From what you prefer on vacation, to the art and music you enjoy, AIMM ensures the best match possible by knowing the very core of your preferences.

AIMM is your personal assistant helping hold your hand through the dating process. Its does this by setting reminders, coaching and asking you when the best time of the day works for you to be introduced. Your dating coach, in your pocket.

While you are getting to know AIMM, AIMM is finding you a match. AIMM uses IBM Watson and secure AIMM servers to take your your answers to questions and reference them across the AIMM community. Have you ever wanted to be on a first date and already had so much in common? Now you can, with AIMM.

Join AIMM for a Halloween custom party and celebration Saturday October 28th. Enjoy food, drinks, live music, dancing, and of course – singles.