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Running toilet? Leaking toilet? Nobody likes a toilet that keeps running. Scott and Ben from House In Progress show you the three most common causes and how to fix a running toilet so that you can avoid this expensive problem.

Most toilet problems can be solved if you know what to look for and a couple tricks for how to fix these basic issues. These easy solutions will help you to fix a toilet that is constantly running and costing you money on your water bill.

The three most common problems that cause toilet to run constantly are:

1. A leaky flapper – This is as easy as buying a new $6 flapper that fits your toilet brand and replacing in under 5 minutes.

2. Float problems – This could mean that the chain is getting stuck in between your flapper and the bottom of the tank or that the float is set too high. If the chain is getting stuck, simply trim it or clip the end to the clip that hold the chain to the flush lever. If the float is set too high you will know because the water will constantly flow into the overflow tube. Check out the video to see how to lower the float.

3. A broken or defective fill valve – If you still hear that annoying sound of water running you might want to pick up a new fill valve. This is a pretty easy DIY project and will save you tons by doing it yourself. Just remember to drain the tank first!

House in Progress aims to make home projects easy by showing you the steps involved, tools you will need and the difficulty to accomplish any home improvement or repair, including how to fix a running toilet.

House In Progress is a YouTube channel that puts out clear, concise, step by step videos that teach you how to complete a wide variety of house projects, with your hosts Scott and Ben.

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