5 things to do to get your home ready for spring

House In Progress

Here’s some advice to make sure your house is ready for spring, from Scott and Ben at House In Progress:

1. Clean out gutters: Clean any leaves, dirt and debris from your gutters and make sure that water flows through your down-spouts.

2. Check exterior drainage: Make sure that all sides of your house are sloped at least 6 inches for every 10 linear feet in order to keep water running away from your house.

3. Repair cracked paint: Inspect and repair any paint that is chipping or cracking on your siding our trim.

4. Inspect roof shingles: If possible, climb up on your roof to make sure your shingles are not missing, curling at the edges or cracked. Also make sure that all vent bibs are sealed and overlapped with shingles. If you are not able to climb up on the roof, a good pair of binoculars may be useful.

5. Trim overgrowth: Trim back any trees or bushes so that they are not touching or hanging over your house. This will prevent them from conducting moisture to your siding or roof.

6. Replace smoke detector batteries: Depending on the model, your battery compartment may be on the front or back. Slide the battery door open and replace with a new 9 volt battery. Make sure to hit the test button once you’re done.

House In Progress is a YouTube channel that puts out clear, concise, step by step videos that teach you how to complete a wide variety of house projects, with your hosts Scott and Ben.

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