Backyard Seafood Boil

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DENVER – Summer kicks off in just a couple of days, which means it’s time to fire up the grill or enjoy a savory seafood boil.

Cooking fresh seafood at home can be intimidating, but Executive Chef, Jodie Valenzuela from The Oceanaire Seafood Room shows us it’s pretty simple and can be fun to do for your next backyard party.

Seafood Boil


Old bay ½ cup

1 lemon cut in half

5 cloves of garlic

4 ears corn, shucked and cut in half

1 pound andouille sausage, cut into 3 inch long pieces

4 red potatoes but in half

4 whole blue crabs

1 pound shell on shrimp

1 stick butter


In a large stock pot (10 qt)

Layer potatoes on bottom of pot

Add corn and sausage

Cover with cold water (about 3 inches above ingredients)

Add spices and, garlic, lemon and butter

Turn heat on high and bring to a boil


Add blue crab (lower to med high)

Cover and cook for 10 minutes

Add shrimp (make sure to add hot water if needed- enough to cover shrimp by 2 inches)

Lower heat – Leave uncovered and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes (or until shrimp are no longer translucent)

Check to make sure potatoes are cooked thru


For sauce to coat boil


In a separate saute pan, melt 1 stick butter

Add 2 tablespoons minced garlic (at this point you can add any additional spices you’d like)

  • For example- old bay, blackening spice, for heat- sriracha or just fresh sliced chilies.
  • The Options are limitless. But remember to start with just a bit, you can always add more.


Use a strainer to pull product from pot and place in a large bowl

Toss in garlic butter


Serve in a large platter, or better yet, onto a table covered with parchment paper and dig in!

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