WWII medic special guest at fundraiser for law enforcement

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DENVER — On Monday, FOX31 caught up with Al Mampre, who is an original member of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne during World War II. He was at the Inverness Gold Club as a special guest at a fundraiser for law enforcement.

Mampre remembers his entry into the now-famous Band of Brothers Easy Company like it was yesterday.

“I wanted to be in something that was a lot more interesting,” he said.

Mampre served in Holland in Operation Market Garden, was at Bastogne, then liberated Hitler’s own Eagle’s Nest, all as a medic.

“I am so bad on a rifle range, I would’ve shot more of my own people,” he said.

Instead, as Mampre says, he was plugging holes, not making them.

On Monday, traveling from his home in Skokie, Illinois to Colorado, he’s helping fight yet another battle, lending his name and legacy to raise money for the United States Bomb Technician Association, the mission of which is to provide assistance and aid to the bomb technician community.

Not all law enforcement departments have a bomb squad, as it costs a lot of money.

“Training has dried up, technology is evolving and we’re trying to help bring technology to the bomb technicians in a training environment. It’s getting tough out there,” said Sean Dennis, president of the USBTA.

If anybody knows how tough it can get, it’s Mampre, and says his war lasted about four years.

“In our war, we knew who the enemy was,” he said.

Mampre’s war is over, but for the men and women in law enforcement, the battle continues on, and so does Al “Doc” Mampre.

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