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DENVER — For lots of folks, an automobile is just something that takes them from point A to point B.  For others, the car is a symbol of freedom, a work of art, something beautiful to bestow.

For three days the Colorado Convention Center in Denver has turned into an art gallery of automobiles.  All brought to you by Mecum Auctions.  Exotics, collectibles, originals and restored.  Over 1,000 vehicles are up for grabs at the auto auction.

One thousand and one, that is.  John Cook of Aurora is selling his 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.  His uncle was the first owner. “He bought this car brand new in 1958,” Cook said.

Over 15,000 potential buyers will visit the show. One of those would-be buyers is Vernon Troyer of Watkins, Colorado. “I had three different ’57s when I was about 19-20 years old, and never had one since,” Troyer said.

Chances are most of us have a particular connection to a car.  Even though they’re really just metal, rubber and some fabric, there’s something more.  A love affair of sorts. A drive down memory lane.