‘Wonka’ prequel set to reveal all in 2023


LOS ANGELES (KDVR) — If you have ever wondered how the magical mind responsible for the construction of the fictitious Wonka Factory was molded, you happen to be in luck.  

Warner Brothers has announced their intention to release “Wonka,” the prequel to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” which will reveal the life led by the chocolate magnate before he settled down in foggy ol’ London.  

The U.S. based production company has set a release date of March 17, 2023, meaning if you ate some of that questionable everlasting chewing bubble gum today, you would be 28.5714% through the digestion process by opening night. That is of course assuming you waited for a properly tested batch that was approved by the F.D.A.  

The rumor mill has wasted no time by immediately spreading mutterings across the internet of a potential battle over the lead role between Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland.  

Whoever lands the role is sure to be stepping into some large somersaulting shoes, and to the loser of that battle we say good day sir! 

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