Women rescued in Montbello flood looks for men who saved them

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DENVER — Life is precious. It’s something Janel McDaniel and Donna Harvey won’t be taking for granted after enduring a horror Monday in their Montbello neighborhood.

The two were going to pick up Harvey’s medication, when minutes into their drive, a torrential downpour flooded the streets.

“I have never been that close to death,” McDaniel said. “I feel there were angels around us.”

Harvey says the car started drifting over as they were taking back roads, until it started sliding into a concrete ditch near Andrews Drive and Tulsa Court.

McDaniel said she was standing on the car seat, and water was all the way up to her nose, as the car started to sink. That’s when Harvey says two men hopped on their roof, one with a sledgehammer.

“He hit the window and water just came from everywhere,” Harvey said.

Witnesses say they were able to scoop the women out, one using a rope to help McDaniel, and bring them up onto a ledge that overlooked the ditch.

“God has angels,” Harvey said. “I truly believe in my heart that those men, those two people, are angels.”

McDaniel says if it weren’t for those two, she and her friend wouldn’t be alive to share their story.

The Problem Solvers were able to track down Jacque Melina. The accident happened outside her house, and she was able to flag the two men down, and also gave McDaniel and Harvey blankets after they were saved.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed, and I’m just glad they made it out,” Melina said.

The Problem Solvers are still trying to find the two men who jumped into action and helped.

Harvey and McDaniel don’t remember much about them, but believe both were Hispanic, and remember they had a white pickup truck, and of course the sledgehammer.

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