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LOCHBUIE, Colo. — The woman who made the first call to police after seeing the disturbing video of the Colorado mother allegedly physically and verbally abusing her 2-year old son spoke out Friday.

Rae Shuck reached out after seeing the overwhelming reaction to the disturbing viral video. Shuck said watching the violence in the disturbing video shook her to the core

“How could any mother speak to her child this way?” she asks, recalling her reaction to first seeing the video.

But long before the video, Shuck said she met the mother in it, Katrina Kennedy, through Facebook.

“She started asking me for like baby stuff. Like do you have any clothes or toys or diapers,” Shuck said of their initial interaction through social media.

At the end of April, she saw Kennedy post what she said was a disturbing status on social media. Kennedy was writing about being fed up with her son, wanting to whoop him and blaming him for her problems.

Shuck reached out to help.

“I was like look, if you even need a break, I’m not too far. If I’m not working, you’re more than welcome to bring him over,” she said she told Kennedy.

The boy, she said, was brought over several times with no shoes, pants or clean diapers.

“I also noticed he had like three bruises on his arm,” she said, but she had no proof of abuse.

The boy, she said, played with her and her 2-year old son. Then, on May 9, one of Kennedy’s friends brought the boy over and told Shuck she had something to show her. It was the video.

Shuck said she immediately called the Lochbuie Police Department and showed it the video.

“I was so scared because in the video she threatened to kill him,” Shuck said.

But more than a week went by and Shuck said nothing was done to protect the boy

“If it were up to me, I would have said you need to go pick this little boy up now,” she said.

Shuck said she’s relieved the boy is out of Kennedy’s care, for now.

“The worst part is that the person who is supposed to protect him from everything in life is the one hurting him and I think that’s the part that really bothers me the most,” she said.

She also wonders about long-term effects and other children suffering silently and without all this attention.

Kennedy has been arrested and is being held on $3,000 bond. She has also been ordered by a judge to have no contact with her son.