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DENVER — A Denver family feels like they’re being taken to the cleaners after trying for months to get their dishwasher fixed, despite having an extended warranty on it.

Gabriela Flora and James Walsh bought a four-year warranty for their LG dishwasher December 3, 2011.

But now, you’ll find Flora hand-washing a sink full of dishes because her dishwasher–which was under warranty–is broken.

“You buy an extended warranty for peace of mind. And all it has been is headaches and headaches and a lot of time,” she said.

They paid $179 for the warranty through Warrantech.

But she’s been trying to get her dishwasher repaired since mid-November.

The problems started with the repairman hired by Warrantech, John Allen Russel, with Trinity TV and Appliance out of Evans.

“I would take off from work and wait and he wouldn’t come,” said Flora.

Three no-shows, she said.

Then, he diagnosed over the phone, she needed a pump.

But when he arrived January 8 without the pump, he said the solution was much simpler.

“He said, I’m just putting in a washer, a little washer. And I said, ‘Why are you doing that?’ He said, ‘Well, LG, some of them aren’t made very well. I always carry an extra washer, ‘cause that usually does the trick,’” Flora said.

She said that tweak made it stop working altogether.

On a return visit March 8, Flora said he told her he’d ask LG to get her a new appliance.

When she never heard back, she called LG herself. The manufacturer said they never talked to Russel. And now he’s not returning her calls.

“I’ve done everything I know what to do to get it fixed. I just want to have a working dishwasher. I have a five-and-a-half-year old and we have busy lives,” she said.

So FOX31 Problem Solvers stepped in.

“I am calling on behalf of Gabriela Flora,” I said to Russel in a phone call.

He told us the problem originated between the manufacturer and the extended warranty company. He said neither would claim responsibility for the repair. But, he said as of Tuesday, the problem is solved.

“The extended warranty company has stepped up. And they actually ordered the part for me and it’s on its way. As soon as I get it, I’ll take care of Ms. Flores,” he said.

He said it could happen by Friday or Monday, at the latest.

But Problem Solvers checked into Russel’s background. His company, Trinity TV and Appliance, has a Better Business Bureau alert and six complaints, along with many negative online customer reviews.

Problem Solvers tried to confirm with Warrantech it’s taking care of the problem.

Warrantech spokesperson Theresa Kemp did get back to us about 5 p.m.

She confirms their company will pay for the part. She said the issue has gone on for too long. And she will assure there are no further delays.

We will follow up with Flora and her family on Monday to make sure they get the fix.