Woman tells story of how she impaled her leg while trying to run away from tornado

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BERTHOUD, Colo. — A woman was recovering Friday after she was injured trying to get away from a tornado that touched down near Berthoud.

It was another spring weekend by Highland Reservoir for Steve Senesac and his family Thursday night.

“We were all gathered around here and barbequing hamburgers,” said Senesac.

Storms rolled in and then, they saw the unexpected. “The tornado was coming across the lake,” said Senesac. All campers headed toward the nearest home for shelter.

“That’s where it was swirling and we were running,” said Senesac.

“I had turned around and saw the tornado and saw the debris and I thought I can’t outrun this tornado,” said his wife Sheryl Senesac.

They had to jump over an iron fence to get inside.

“I must have slipped or my leg just got caught and totally just got stuck on the fence,” said his daughter Michelle Senesac.

The fence impaled the 23-year-old’s leg and she became stuck for what seemed like an eternity.

“My fiancé was trying to break the fence off because at that point, the tornado was right there,”  Michelle said.

Other people came to help.

“They had to lift me up off the fence,” she said.

About 30 campers headed to the basement, many helping to put pressure on Michelle’s wound.

“That was scary because that was a terrible wound and she was shook up pretty badly,” said Sheryl Senesac.

An hour later, paramedics rushed her to the hospital. “They said it was about three inches deep, so I got about 15 stitches,” Michelle said.

She’ll have the cast on for a week and stitches for two weeks, but she’s glad everyone’s alive.

“It’s pretty amazing that we all made it out,” she said.

The Senesac family said they’ll be back at Highland Reservoir soon.

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