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LONGMONT, Colo. — A female pilot who walked away from a deadly mid-air collision late Friday morning in Longmont remains hospitalized.

Beverly Cameron, 72, of Erie, has decades of experience in the air — as a flight instructor, a commercial pilot, ground instructor and flight engineer.

She took off from Erie Municipal Airport headed to Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport to administer a flight test.

But a mid-air collision ended up testing her and her every ability to survive.

“We were in the traffic pattern when we heard Bev make a distress call. And she had said she experienced elevator control failure. She mentioned nothing about an in-flight collision of any sort,” says pilot Paul Sicaras.

He says considering the harrowing circumstances, Cameron was cool and collected.

“She’s an excellent pilot. She’s an FAA designee and has been flying many years. I think she did everything right,” says Sicaras.

Cameron has been a flight instructor for 33 years, since 1979, and a pilot for 38 years, since 1974.

She piloted a 1955 Cessna 180, a fixed-wing, single-engine aircraft.

“I’m so relieved she’s okay. And I’m in shock right now to hear that,” says her neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified.

Her neighbors on Baron Court are shocked to learn their friend cheated death when two others did not.

“It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. Although great for her, she’s recovering,” says neighbor Andrew Martin.

Cameron had been released from the hospital late Friday afternoon, but friends say she was readmitted after feeling dizzy. Doctors decided to keep her overnight for observation.

Emergency radio communications: Bev Cameron’s plane crash

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