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DENVER — A woman from Clovis, Calif. is suing McDonald’s for negligence after hot coffee she bought at the fast food restaurant spilled on her lap and burned her.

The attorney for 74-year-old Joan Fino says settlement talks between his client and McDonald’s ended Thursday without an agreement.

The attorney, Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, says he can’t say how much money McDonald’s offered to settle the lawsuit.

A jury in Fresno will hear consider the case next year.

Fino says coffee spilled on her lap at the drive-up window and gave her second degree burns in her groin area.

“It just poured all over me and started burning me. So I just started screaming and crying and asking the girl to help me,” Fino says.

“I couldn’t avoid it. I couldn’t do anything, they handed the cup to me and the coffee just came out,” she says. “I still have burning down, you know still have burning sensation.”

Fino sued McDonald’s for more than $2 million.

McDonald’s puts a warning on its coffee cups that says, “Caution handle with care I’m hot.”

This case is similar to one that took made national headlines in 1992 when a cup of McDonald’s coffee spilled on 79-year-old Stella Liebeck in Albuquerque.

She had third degree burns and spent some time in the hospital. A jury awarded her almost $3 million but a judge reduce the award to $650,000. Both sides eventually settled on a confidential amount.