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DENVER — An 11-week old puppy was stolen from a Denver home when burglars broke into the house and ransacked the place.

Diamonds and electronics were taken from the Beach Street home, but Sonni Nucci said it’s the little dog she wants back.

“She brought a joy that anybody who has a dog can understand,” Nucci said.

Nucci said when she returned home from running errands, she found her house was ransacked. She knew immediately they had taken her puppy, Bella.

“I was just screaming for her, looking for her. I was pretty hysterical running up and down the street. All I could think about was the dog. That’s all I’ve been able to think about since,” Nucci said.

Nucci is a high school teacher and just began her summer break. She adopted Bella at the end of May when a co-worker had a litter of Shih-poos.

“She’s been a very important part of my life, I know briefly, but I really was looking forward to spending the summer with her and training her and just spoiling her, she had a really lovely home here,” Nucci said.

A Denver police detective has been assigned to the case. Nucci said they’re waiting for the results of fingerprint testing. But her biggest concern is Bella’s safety.

“What upsets me is, they don’t know her medical history. She has an umbilical hernia, she’s going to need surgery and they don’t know her shots,” Nucci said.

The puppy was set to receive her second shot and microchip just days after being taken. The dog weighs about 5 pounds with mostly black fur and some white spots. The typically quiet street had another burglary not long ago.

Family and friends will contribute to a cash reward for anyone who returns Bella safely. Anyone with information can call Nucci at 720-206-7000 or Denver police.