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SHERIDAN, Colo. — A woman made it out of her car safely before it tumbled into a massive sinkhole in Sheridan on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the hole continued to grow in size. The sight caused many people to stop and take a look.

“She’s lucky, she’s lucky ya’ know,” Eric Clark said. “What a blessing she was smart enough to get out of [her SUV]. A car can be replaceable. A life can’t.”

“I thought it was a big pothole,” Ashley Marisch said.

She jumped out of her car Tuesday night before it was swallowed by the sinkhole. Marisch was noticeably shaken and overwhelmed.

“It was just very scary, and very shocking, very surreal, but I just keep thinking about the person that helped me out,” Marisch said.

“I didn’t know what to do at first, a man came over and was like you need to get out of your car, I didn’t realize what was going on.

“He kind of yelled get out of the car so I just opened the door and got myself out real quick.”

In an even more unusual twist, the first police officer on the sinkhole scene on Tuesday was a man who found himself in Marisch’s situation three years ago.

Not even a block away on the same street, the vehicle Sheridan Police Sgt. Greg Miller was in also fell into a sinkhole.

“It makes me think of that day,” Miller said. “Due to the nature of the storm and the amount of rain falling, I just kind of thought yeah it’s going to happen again, and sure enough it did.”

Police say it will be a while before the sinkhole is repaired.