Woman describes meeting man arrested for impersonating Broncos player

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DENVER– FOX31 is learning more about the man who police say impersonated a Broncos player and sexually assaulted a woman.

49-year-old James Otis Turner is currently behind bars. But that may not be the name he used to introduce himself to women. One woman said he claimed to be “Dante Sir Foster” – a Broncos player in the NFL.

“He was sitting in his nice car, was very well dressed and he asked, Do you know who I am? I said no, I have no idea. He said I play for the Broncos. I said oh, that’s cool and then he asked if I wanted to come over and meet him and if I could give him my phone number. He was wondering if I had a date for Valentine’s Day and said, oh you look really pretty,” Anny Cristofano said.

Cristofano met him at a gas station in Highlands Ranch. She said Turner continued to make advances. Anny declined and told her family about the strange encounter.

“My family loves the Broncos, so we’re always watching the Broncos and none of them knew who this guy was. Then we started looking into it going, oh my God. This is not even – he’s never been on the roster,” Cristofano said.

Turns out Turner may have gone to great lengths to legitimize his story. We found multiple websites with fake articles saying he landed a spot with the Minnesota Vikings for the 2011-2012 season. But it said due to an injury, his season was cut short. It says after a long recovery he was traded to the Denver Broncos. He says, “I do everything I do to make my mom proud and to give her the lifestyle she deserves. Without my family, my name wouldn’t be on the back of an NFL jersey. I owe them everything for all the sacrifices and hand work that put me in this position.”

But if you look closely at one of the photos, that’s not him in a Vikings jersey – it’s Adrian Peterson.

“The website has weird head shots like you could tell they weren’t professional pictures,” Cristofano said.

His fictitious name is very close to “Donte Foster” an actual wide receiver who signed with the Vikings as a free agent in 2014. Through an FBI investigation, authorities say Turner lied to a woman this summer and then sexually assaulted her. Cristofano reflects on her close call with the man who she said claimed to be a big shot Bronco.

“Thankfully it didn’t get that far. I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt or preyed on,” Cristofano said.

Turner’s arrest affidavit currently has a motion pending to be sealed. He is in the Denver city jail without bond.

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