Woman arrested after eluding Denver police in stolen pickup

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DENVER — A woman was arrested after allegedly stealing a construction pickup truck and trying to elude police on South Federal Boulevard on Friday morning.

Police in unmarked vehicles pursued the truck without lights and sirens on after it was taken from a gas station at Federal Boulevard and Interstate 70 about 5:30 a.m.

Dennis Wilkes, an employee with Advanced Traffic Services, said he left the truck running when he went inside the store. The woman then jumped into the truck and took off, he said.

Police found the truck by tracking it by its GPS device. Officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, but when the driver didn’t stop, they backed off and followed at a safe distance.

The woman could be seen running red lights, and weaving in and out of traffic before getting out at a Burger King parking lot at Evans and Federal, across from Lincoln High School.

She then jumped into the back seat of an SUV that then pulled out. The driver pulled out onto Evans Avenue when police pulled up a minute later and surrounded the vehicle.

With guns drawn, officers pulled three people out of the vehicle, including the woman who was seen trying to ditch the stolen truck.

The other two people in the SUV were eventually released when police determined they had no connection to the woman or the stolen truck.

No one was injured.

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