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DENVER, (KDVR) — Colorado’s sports betting industry continues to boom, with new numbers showing more than $460-million in wagers were placed in December.

That total pushes the state over $5 billion in wagers since sports betting was legalized in May of 2020. 
For comparison, December’s numbers are 18 times higher than the first month, when many sports were shut down due to the pandemic. 

And while the Broncos might not be on the field Sunday, sports bettors are preparing for what could be the biggest single day in Colorado’s short sports betting history.

“Regardless of who’s in it, people are going to be watching,” said Ben Cary, “and they’re going to be betting.”

Cary is the founder of CapWize, which uses computer models to try and help bettors make more intelligent decisions. 

Sunday, they’ll be hosting a live online event, giving out in-game bets to betters watching the game. 

“One that’s interesting is a non-quarterback to win the MVP, and that’s at +200,” said Cary. “I think there’s a good chance a guy like Von Miller could have a few sacks and some big plays.”

Many in Broncos Country will likely be cheering for Miller’s new team, the Los Angeles Rams. Denver better Zack Price will not be one of them.

Price is known for studying something called “futures,” where betters place wagers on players or teams weeks or even months in advance. 

His big wins on social media recently earned him a radio show on 98.1FM as the host of the Denver Sports Betting Show

“I never bet on favorites,” said Price. “I’m not looking at the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was looking at teams like the Cincinnati Bengals.”

Price’s $25 bets on the Bengals in August are set to pay out handsomely if Cincinnati can pull off the upset. 

“I do have tickets on both the Bengals and the Rams, but the Rams were 14 to 1, and the Bengals were 200 to 1,” he said. “No matter who wins, I’ll be happy, but I’m going to be pulling for the Bengals.”

Regardless of how much you’re betting, betters don’t expect Colorado’s sports betting surge to slow down.

“I think we’ll get to a point where it starts to plateau at some point,” says Cary. “But I don’t see us getting to that point in the next few months. I think it’s going to continue up, and especially if the Broncos have a good team, that’s going to help propel that growth again.”

“We’re in the early innings, Evan,” said Price. “We’re in the early innings of sports gambling. It’s going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.”