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DENVER (KDVR) — March 2021 in Denver has been the fourth snowiest on record. March has had 9 days with snowfall in Denver so far with a total monthly snowfall of 30.9 inches.

Looking ahead to the beginning of April, the snowy weather pattern is likely going to change.

The 8 to 14 day precipitation outlook for Colorado shows a high chance of drier than average conditions as indicated by the tan color on the map below. This outlook is far March 31 through April 6.

The 8 to 14 day temperature outlook for March 31 through April 6 shows a high chance of warmer than average temperatures across not only Colorado but most of the United States.

These outlooks show a good chance that April in Denver will start off mild with not a lot of precipitation chances.

There are still a few chances for showers in Denver over the next few days before the days of these outlooks. The big March snowfall totals have helped with Colorado’s drought but haven’t been enough to get rid of it.