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DENVER (KDVR) — A pair of Rocky Mountain moose stompings has prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials to remind the trail-trotting public: Please avoid the baby animals.

Spring is the birthing season, and new moose, deer and elk parents will do whatever it takes to defend offspring.

“Cows will be exhibiting normal protective behavior of their young,” said Wildlife Officer Tim Woodward. “Give wildlife extra space this time of year. Be sure to keep dogs on leashes. Dogs can trigger aggressive behavior and both moose and elk will chase a dog right back to their owner, presenting a dangerous situation.”

Apart from widespread reports of aggressive moose, deer and elk behavior across mountain counties, the CPW warning cites two recent examples from Steamboat Springs and Evergreen.

On May 29 near Snowflake Circle and Meadow Lane in Steamboat Springs, a gentleman was knocked over on his back and stomped by a cow moose with two calves. The victim stated that his small dog was outside unleashed when he heard it start barking and realized there was a moose in the area. He stepped forward to grab the dog and that is when the moose charged at him.

The victim in the moose attack was examined for minor injuries on-site.

On Thursday, June 3, in the Hiwan Hills area of Evergreen, reports came in of a cow elk charging people. A 90-year-old man injured his hip in the incident, although no contact between the man and the elk is believed to have been made. The man was sent to the hospital to evaluate his injury.