Wild Animal Sanctuary needs volunteers to build new bear enclosure in SE Colorado

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KEENESBURG, Colo. – If you’re looking for something unique to do over the next two weeks, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has a job for you.

TWAS is busy building enclosures for lions, tigers, bears and other large carnivores at its sister property called “The Refuge” in southeastern Colorado. The Refuge spans more than 9,000 acres and will be able to give thousands of abused and neglected large carnivores a permanent home.

“When we see animals, we see they can’t always help themselves and especially animals that have come from neglect situations or abuse situations…We want to do everything we can to not only restore that animal back to health but give it its best opportunity to live an awesome life,” Zach Baker told FOX31.

Baker runs GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild program, which bills itself as a Habitat for Humanity for animals. The group typically works with shelters for dogs and cats.

Rescue Rebuild and TWAS have partnered to build a 300-acre bear enclosure at The Refuge. It will be able to hold up to 200 neglected and abused bears.

“We have to dig holes. We have to put posts in and we have to take fencing and stretch it all the way around. It’s almost three miles of fencing that has to be put up by hand, so we need as much help as we can get,” Baker said.

They need eight to 10 volunteers to work any time between June 13 and 25. Volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation to the Springfield area and will need to bring tents and gear to stay overnight. Food and showers will be provided.

“We need people that are willing to come down to the Springfield, Colorado area that are willing to rough it a little bit, to sleep in a tent cook out on a grill with us and get their hands dirty,” Baker said.

Please contact Zach Baker, director of Rescue Rebuild, directly at zachbaker@greatergood.org, regarding volunteer opportunities for the expansion of The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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