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ARVADA, Colo. – Sometime Saturday night, a thief or thieves broke into an Arvada man’s vehicle and stole a chest containing his wife’s ashes.

Lori Prescott passed away three years ago after a short battle with cancer. Her husband, Eddy, kept the chest in his vehicle so his wife would always be with him while he’s traveling.

“They were in my car perfectly safe. I’ve been here [in Arvada] for almost two years,” Prescott said.

Sunday morning, he went out to his car and found it ransacked. Items were missing and his glove box was wide open.

“And of course popped the trunk right away and knew instantly that box was gone. Those people didn’t know what they took,” he said.

‘Those people’ likely had no clue the chest held Prescott’s wife’s ashes. By now, he’s assuming the thief or thieves do know.

He’s not looking to press charges or get anyone in trouble with the law, but Prescott is hoping whoever took the chest will find it in their heart to return it to him.

‘[The ashes are] everything to me. [They’re] probably one of the most important things in all my years,” he said.

Eddy and Lori Prescott had been together for 27 years.

If you have any information about the theft, please contact Arvada Police at (720) 898-6900.