Young people in Colorado aren’t rushing to the polls

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DENVER — Across the country there are reports of a massive amounts of young people voting in this midterm election. Harvard estimates 40 percent of people under the age of 30 will vote.

That is not the case thus far in Colorado.

Of the 951,000 plus ballots that have been returned in Colorado, only 43,000 are from voters 18-25.

There are 392,000 plus active registered voters in that age group in the state.

On college campuses across Colorado, FOX31 talked to young voters about why or why aren’t they voting.

“I have so much stuff on my plate as a student,” Tori Glenn said.

“I think that is a common problem with people my age is we don’t know as much about politics,” Glenn added.

Other students told us they didn’t think they could still vote. Others didn’t know if their parents sent back their ballot for them.

For politically active young people — it can be frustrating.

“You know the biggest reaction I get is they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t care about politics many don’t even want to vote,” Michael Tsarevsk, an active supporter of Proposition 112 said.

But are campaigns actually worried?

“I don’ think people are worried at all,” Matt Mosely, a FOX31 Political Analyst said.

“In general young voters tend to hold onto their ballot longer than most people,”  Mosely added.

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