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WELD COUNTY, Colo. — The whistleblower who brought to light alleged abuse of newborn calves at a Weld County business has been arrested.

Investigators say Taylor Radig didn’t show them the undercover video she shot at Quanah Cattle Company for two months.

Because of that, she’s been cited for animal cruelty as well.

“Radig’s failure to report the alleged abuse in a timely manner adheres to the definition of acting with negligence and substantiates the animal cruelty charge,” A statement from the Sheriff’s office says.

Fox 31 Denver talked with legal expert Dan Recht who disagreed.

“The sheriff is suggesting that the person has an affirmative obligation to report any abuse that she saw.  I don’t see that in that in the statute,” said Recht.

Three workers in the video Radig shot have been cited by authorities. The undercover footage showed baby cows being pulled by their ears, pushed, kicked and thrown around.

The company has fired those accused of the abuse.