Did you know that there’s a difference between All Weather tires and All Season tires? According to Wes Boling with Nokian Tyres, he says there is a difference.

We all know that I-70 can be a nightmare all year round, but especially during the ski season. The inventor of the winter tires has some tips for staying safe on I-70 this time of year. Wes Boling says it’s time to ditch the all-season tires for all-weather, which help keep drivers safe in unpredictable winter weather. Not only are they safer, but they also comply with Colorado’s winter traction law.

All-weather tires are certified for winter driving, but you can also use them year round. All-season tires aren’t actually meant for all four season, they harden and become dangerous below 45 degrees and in snow and ice.

To keep drivers safe, Nokian Tyres have a campaign, keep I-70 moving. The tire company have partnered up with the @I70Things instagram account to help keep I-70 moving. They are asking drivers to safely send video and images of what’s holding up I-70, tagging @NokianTyresNA and @I70Things with the hashtag #keepI70Moving.

To learn more about Nokian Tires, visit NokianTires.com/weather.