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With infertility rates rising among men and women and only half of those facing this struggle seeking help, experts believe it is important to spread the word about infertility and the resources available to overcome it.

1 in 8 people struggle to conceive, which is where we step in. Dr. Leslie Appiah with the University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus clinic works with those who want to build a family but cannot do so on their own. 90% of infertility cases can be solved by science, and treatment options continue to grow and improve.

Fertility expert Dr. Leslie Appiah shares what we need to know about this all-too-common issue. Infertility can greatly affect a person’s perception of themselves, sometimes leading to poor mental health and social discomfort. We are here to give the 1 in 8 hope and help those who do not face infertility better understand the fight their loved ones may be facing.