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ELDORA, Colo. — Ski injuries are hardly uncommon in Colorado. While some are purely accidental, others are the result of skier negligence.

State law requires people to stop if they collide with and injure another skier or snowboarder.

Ura Kim, 50, was recently seriously injured after a young skier crashed into her at Breckenridge Ski Resort, forcing her into a tree.

“Just strapping on skis or a snowboard to your feet and sliding down snow any kind of angle is inherently dangerous,” said Zach Ryan with Eldora Ski Patrol.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers learned that under the Ski Safety Act, in Colorado, you can be criminally charged if you leave the scene after colliding and injuring someone.

“We are a small, local ski area that’s got sort of a family feel. A lot of families come here a lot of kids learn to ski here,” said Sam Bass, the marketing director at Eldora.

The ski area wants to be proactive and not reactive. That’s why they have just started handing out warning tickets to anybody they see skiing dangerously.

“I think that’s going to be really beneficial for us as long as we catch those individuals who are skiing, snowboarding too quickly and out of control,” said Ryan.