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JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – For two days now students and staff in northern Colorado are once again the target of multiple bomb and shooting threats.

Many parents told FOX31 they kept their children home from school on Wednesday because they worried about their safety.

“My son said we’re on lockout, there’s been threats and I’m scared. I’m nervous,” parent Amanda Nix said.

Active shooter threats, student walk-outs, schools surrounded by police – all this leaves parents on edge.

“We need to know what’s going on,” parent Jennifer Sorensen said.

“It is scary. We are right across the street, so if a bomb happens what happens to my kids?” Parent Misty Urban said.

Urban rushed to pick up her middle and elementary school-aged kids on Tuesday and didn’t let them return to school on Wednesday, fearing for their safety.

“My 14-year-old shouldn’t have to be comforting kids that are in school right now because they can’t concentrate because they’re afraid of a bomb going off,” Urban said.

Early Wednesday morning parents were alerted about the Weld RE-5J district receiving multiple Safe2Tell reports alleging there was a school shooter and bomb threat at Roosevelt High School. At that same time additional threats came in targeting Milliken Middle School and Elementary school. Both of those schools were placed on lockout.

“Whoever is angry with whatever is going on at the school and is calling in threats it’s not only affecting us, it’s affecting our kids and they’re using that to manipulate their way,” Nix said.

Students tell FOX31 they are protesting the growing number of teachers being placed on administrative leave and planned a walk-out on Tuesday – at the same time the threats poured in. Parents are calling for transparency from the district.

“We need to get some answers and we need to make sure that our teachers have a safe environment to work in and our students have a safe environment to work in,” Urban said.

Several parents said they will be at Wednesday night’s school board meeting looking for answers. The meeting has been moved to the cafeteria of Roosevelt High School. FOX31 will have a crew in the meeting.