The wedding industry was hit hard during the pandemic. Anakacia Shifflet was deeply affected by COVID and by the “long haul Covid”, but she used those challenges to inspire and create her latest collection.

As for the trends for 2022 and into 2023, Anakacia says they include: Short dresses, high low gowns, and convertible gowns will be on point well into next year.  We are also seeing fun floral prints and more pastel colors from blues to lavender.  The high slit will continue well into 2023 as well as sleeves and off-the-shoulder-drapes.

As we get further into 2022 things will move toward a lot more “all out, over the top” gowns with ruffles and feathers. Maximalist instead of minimalist is the direction for 2022, the party celebration to make up for lost time.  Color trends include black, vivid garden lace appliqués, and ombre gowns in pink, greens, and blues.