Website promises to deliver free breast implants for women

News promises to provide members free breast augmentations via benefactors on their site. promises to provide members free breast augmentations via benefactors on their site.

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(CNN) — A website is promising to help women get a free breast enhancement, and they say the fine print is just making a few new friends.

These days, people hit the web to raise funds for everything from medical bills to field trips, but chances are not many people have heard of this one.

“If someone else is going to pay for my boob job that’s fine with me,” said Andrea, who didn’t want to reveal her last name. “‘My Free Implants’ is where their friends are,” Jay Moore said. “It’s their social network of choice. It’s their Facebook.”

Moore is the co-creator of the website that was conceived in 2005. Seven years later, you could say business is busting at the seams.

“So you are communicating, you’re getting to know each other, you’re making friends and you are also fundraising at the same time,” Moore said. About 4,000 women and about 40,000 donors use the site. “I definitely feel if I had bigger boobs, then I would be more confident,” Andrea said.

Andrea, for example, started her profile a few months ago and has raised about $400 toward her more than $5,000 goal.

“Nineteen years old, proud mommy of a beautiful little girl and a college student,” she told CBS 5 News as she described some of the things on her website profile.

“Every message can be worth a dollar,” she said.

Communicating with the donors who often give in small contributions is key.

“Hey, how are you doing? How is your day going?” is what Andrea said she chats with her donors about.

“My very first donation was $40 just from a random guy who just wanted to chat on webcam,” she said. CBS 5 News asked, “Do the guys ask for something in return?”

“Sometimes, like the guy with the foot fetish,” Andrea said. “He asked to see my feet.”

Nudity is not allowed, according to Moore, and he said the money goes straight to a board certified surgeon.

Andrew keeps all contact online. “I would never meet someone if they asked me to just because that’s going over the borderline,” she explained.

Any suspicious activity can be reported. “We do want to keep all the interaction online and in an environment where we can control and monitor it,” Moore said.

Andrea said there is nothing fake about the website. “If you want to get your boob job done go ahead and go sign up on,” she said.

So if you don’t mind sharing a”before” and “after” picture of your new enhancements, maybe it really is about just a little companionship.

“Why do guys buy women drinks in bars?” Moore asked. “They want to be conversant, they want to get to know them.”

“Once I have my breasts done, I think, I’m not going to have that confidence issue anymore and I’m just going to be so much more bubbly than I already am,” Andrea said.

Moore said the site pays for about one breast augmentation per day. He said they are now working on a similar site that will help donate to mommy makeovers.

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