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Becky Carnagie is getting a Christmas gift this year unlike any other. Four years ago her family fell victim to a roofing scam. They forked over nearly $6,000 in insurance money to a company only to have them disappear.

“She filed bankruptcy which left us with nothing,” Carnagie said. “She had the money and we still needed a roof.”

The family had no more money for a new roof.

“A lot of tar and bricks is what were holding down our shingles,” she said.

Earlier this year another roofer came to the door.

“To say that we were leery of roofers representing themselves when they’d come to the door is an understatement,” Carnagie said.

But something told her to listen. The man at the door told her about Jeff Posey and his group

“I do not want to be a scam industry,” Posey said.

His site is dedicated to finding and recommending qualified, trusted roofers.

“We look at their references, we look at how long they’ve been in business, their insurance, and they go on our list and they’re able to use the logo on their contracts to assure the consumer that they will get their roof installed,” he said.

And if they don’t, backs that contract and makes sure the job gets done. Posey learned about Becky Carnagie’s experience and is giving them a new roof for free.

“We came home to the bundle of shingles and supplies by our driveway and I thought, ‘My lord, it really is truly going to happen’,” she said.

The roof will be ready in time for Christmas and it’s the best present Carnagie could ask for.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jeff and his company. I’m amazed that there is somebody like this in the world,” she said. has put on about 15 roofs in the past year-and-a-half. You can find valuable information about how to protect yourself from scammers at the website.