Web Poll: Is public embarrassment a good way to discipline children?

Sign embarrasses girl to teach her a lesson

Sign embarrasses girl to teach her a lesson

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Parents embarrassing their kids is nothing new. But one father in Missouri is facing backlash after he humiliated his daughter — on purpose — as a form of punishment.

Montrail White ordered his 8-year-old, Amiya, to stand outside her elementary school and wear a sign that says, “I like to steal from others and lie about it.”

Officials eventually kicked White off of school property and called the police because they say he was making a scene.

But Amiyah says she learned her lesson, and she doesn’t think her dad was too harsh. “No because he’s trying to teach me a lesson and he doesn’t want me to end up in jail and have a great future.”

White isn’t the first parent to try this. Similar stories have made headlines in Miami, Memphis and even here in Denver in just the last month.

12-year-old Jose Gonzalez was forced to stand on a Denver street in March holding a sign reading, “I am a thief,” after he stole $100 from his cousin.

We want to know what you think. Do you think it’s acceptable and effective for parents to use public embarrassment as a technique for disciplining their children?

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