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WESTMINTER, Colo. — Water rates in Westminster will soon be going up after the city council voted in favor on Monday night.

The city says the rate hikes are needed to fund critical needs for infrastructure.

The average water customer, a family of three with a normal-sized yard, will see an increase of about $11 per month for 2019 and another $11.50 per month for 2020.

Debbie Teter said,

“I’m trying to figure out why tiered system is necessary,” Debbie Teter said. “This is really an attack on the fixed neighborhood low income.”

Not everyone is against that proposed hike.

“I do not believe being a large lot owner puts me in a protected class,” a resident said. “I just want to be a just wanted to be a positive voice in this matter in supporting all of your efforts.”

Citizens asked council members to come up with alternate proposals and to allow citizens to vote. But the council voted anyway.

The new rate hikes go into effect next year.